While trying out a new image-optimizing plugin yesterday, Temecool Computer Repair’s website got seriously scrambled. Even deleting all our files on the hosting package and re-loading our site build from a backup wasn’t working.

Our sister company, Singing Wire Web Designย of Temecula, California went right to work on it for us. They are saving our computational bacon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Singing Wire Web Design of Temecula, California

First, Singing Wire had the web host completely flush our hosting package – as in delete all the files on our hosting server. The host then installed a brand-new blank copy of WordPress at Singing Wire’s request.

Singing wire has been taking it from there. They’ve been doing all sorts of work to rebuild our website far better than it was before.

Some of the things Singing Wire has been doing are very interesting indeed. We’ll describe a list below of some of the work Singing Wire has been doing for us.



  • Re-designing our header pictures for not only the website, but also for our social media profiles.
  • Making sure all the redesigned images are small in file size to make sure our pages load quickly.
  • Following strict SEO guidelines with every page and post to help our site rank better in search.
  • Adding back all of our plugins and features, plus some new ones.
  • Reinstalling the settings for our hit counters and analytics
  • Setting us up with a newer and more modern e-mail subscription service so that readers of our blog can follow us more reliably.
  • Preparing to begin recovery of our prior blog posts from our old e-mail subscription to our own blog. (Always a good idea to subscribe to yourself just in case of situations like this.)

Of course, it will be awhile before we have the majority of our content restored. Some of it we will let go, too. Some of the slideshows we had were using outdated information in places.

As always, we’ll keep our site blog updated with progress as it happens.

To us, it’s really a blessing in disguise that the website crashed. We needed to revamp it for style, modernity, and speed anyway. We’re going to make some really good lemonade out of the situation!

We also think our web ad from Phoenix Moirai is perfectly appropriate to this situation:


Thank you for reading us!

TCR Staff

Rebuilding Our Website
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